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Welcome to the webpage of the International Vitiligo Center!

The International Vitiligo Center is a private specialized clinic founded by Dr. Mats J. Olsson, Vitiligo Specialist with more than 20 years experience in the specialized field of Vitilgo and Pigmentation.

The aim and intent of the International Vitiligo Center is to respond to a need and demand from patients to obtain an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of their skin condition. The Center also conducts academic research collaborations in the field of pigmentation to constantly be at the leading edge of knowledge in the field and offer the best avaiable treatmens to our patients.

There are many different causes of loss of pigmentation and also the most common one "Vitiligo" consists of several subgroups of different aetiological background.

We have developed the pigment cell (melanocyte) transplantation methods which today are the Gold Standard in the surgical treatment of Vitiligo.

We have also acquired the latest light therapy unit, enabling targeted treatment with focused UVB light at the optimal wavelength to treat progressive vitiligo lesions.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your specific condition. We will work hard to help you improve your skin condition with the most suitable and effective treatment regimen.



After more than 20 years in the field we know Vitiligo and how to fight it!








September 13, 2011,

The International Vitiligo Center has

opened a new Vitiligo Clinic in the very

center of Stockholm, Kungsgatan 50.

You are most welcome to book an

appointment and meet one of our

specialists in vitiligo.



New Vitiligo device:

In September 2011 The International Vitiligo Center has finalized an agreement to be a European agent for the new targeted

(focused) UBV device Levia for the

effective treatment of vitiligo.








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